Natural Resource Mediator


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A Trained Mediator with a Breadth of Experience


You did a terrific job mediating our case. In all candor, because I represented one of the defendants in our case, when I researched your background I was concerned that you work as a plaintiff’s lawyer would be an impediment to a successful mediation of our case, but it ended up being a tremendous asset. You were able to communicate effectively with both sides, and were especially effective with the plaintiff and his counsel in bringing the matter to a successful resolution. Thanks again for your great work.

A. Ainslie Stanford II
Attorney Crooks Stanford

For over 10 years, I’ve known of Trae Gray. He is an exceptionally bright, hard-working, practical and efficient practitioner – all valuable skills for a good mediator.

D. Kent Meyers
Director, Crowe & Dunlevy

For over 5 years, I’ve appeared in front of Trae Gray on behalf of clients that I have represented. He has always taken a practical balanced approach when dealing with my clients. The way Trae handles himself in these positions of power is indicative of what makes him a good mediator as he is empathetic and always considers problems from every angle.

R. Doug Lewis
R. Doug Lewis Law, PLLC

Trae has two things going for him as a mediator. First, he has very specialized knowledge of the law in certain areas. Second, in all of my dealings with him he takes a realistic real world view concerning what a case is actually worth.

Richard E. Branam, Retired Oklahoma State Court District Judge
Served on the bench in Coal and Atoka County for 22 years