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A Trained Mediator with a Breadth of Experience

Mediation Areas

Agricultural – Prior to college, Trae Gray worked on ranches throughout the United States. He is a lifetime member of the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association. He is an Agricultural Economics graduate of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University. This real world experience is beneficial to litigants when evaluating a mediator to resolve your next agricultural related matter.

Class Action - Mediating your class action can extend well beyond reaching a settlement. Trae will flush issues out so that a case can be better understood in order to make sure it gets resolved. Not only will Trae help both sides reach an agreement, he will also provide credibility that the process underlying the settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate. This can be very beneficial to the Court in approving class settlements.

Condemnation - As the City Attorney for The City of Coalgate, Trae has managed all litigation and settlement on the condemnor side of the “v” for over ten years. Plus, his law firm has extensive experience representing condemnees. Trae is a frequent speaker, nationwide, on condemnation and eminent domain issues. His knowledge, reputation, and experience in this area of the law is a valuable asset when he mediates condemnation maters.

Energy - Only 7 years old when the Penn Square Bank fell in July of 1982, Trae has vivid memories of how this affected his family’s business in the Carter County oil patch. As an attorney, he represents CEO’s of major oil companies, oil companies, service companies, mineral and lease auctions, and numerous other operators and landowners. When Trae decided to pursue his LL.M. his focus was on energy law for this specific reason. His broad experience coupled with an appreciation for the importance of the industry provides a unique perspective when mediating energy related matters.

Environmental - Environmental Law or Natural Resources Law typically addresses disputes dealing with the effects of human activity on the natural environment. Trae Gray has devoted his entire life to the natural resources arena and has spent significant amounts of time in this environment. Therefore, he understands the issues. He grew up working on ranches, has an OSU degree in natural resources, and his law firm is involved in many significant environmental law matters. This real world experience coupled with his education provides a framework that both sides respect which expedites candid settlement communication.  

Oil & Gas – Trae has extensive experience in negotiating oil and gas leases and oil and gas disputes. If you are going to resolve an oil and gas dispute, you need a mediator that has a sound understanding of oil and gas concepts. Mediating an oil and gas dispute can provide a forum for creativity that is not available if the parties push the matter to a final adjudication in an arbitration or court of law.

Pollution – Trae has handled hundreds of pollution matters in both state and federal courts. Taking a creative approach to these types of cases many times can be what makes the difference in actually getting a settlement done. The law in this area is very specific and has its own peculiarities. Having a mediator that understand this is central to having a good mediation.  

Pore Space and Sub-Surface – Trae is recognized as a legal expert on Pore Space. He completed his published LL.M. thesis on this topic and did a three year research study on pore space law nationally. The law of underground is a unique and emerging area of the law that Trae understands well. Further, Trae has represented oil companies in litigation regarding sub-surface issues from horizontal fracking.

Seismograph – Trae has extensive experience with Oklahoma’s Seismic Exploration Regulation Act and has been involved in numerous matters in both state and federal court adjudicating rights under this statutory scheme.

Surface Damages – Trae is recognized as a legal expert on claims under the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act. He has published numerous articles and is a frequent speaker on the topic. Not only has he handled numerous cases under the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act in both Oklahoma State and Federal Court, he successfully handled a matter in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas under the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act. There is likely not an attorney in Oklahoma with more experience regarding the Oklahoma Surface Damages Act than Trae Gray.

Water – Water Law is likely one of the most confusing and complex areas of natural resources law. The right to use water, regulate its use, who owns it, water quantity, water quality, are all matters addressed by constitutional law, common law, statutes, Indian tribal codes, private contracts, deeds, and easements. It matters whether the water is stream water, groundwater, or runoff. Mediating a water law dispute involves understanding and consideration of these and other sources of this voluminous and complex area of that law – all of which Trae Gray has extensive experience with. 

Wind – As this area of law continues to evolve disputes regarding statutes and lease agreements arise. Trae Gray has experience negotiating these type of agreements which can assist with a successful mediation in a wind energy dispute.

Non-Natural Resource Mediation Areas

Trae Gray began his legal career as a general practitioner handling just about every kind of case that can walk in the door. Based on this experience and the extensive experience he has in the areas below Trae mediates the following types of non-natural resource related matters on a schedule permitting basis:

  • Appellate
  • Aviation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contract
  • Divorce
  • Estates and Probate
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate