Natural Resource Mediator


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A Trained Mediator with a Breadth of Experience


In mediation, Trae Gray will act as a third party neutral and sit down with both parties, typically separately, to make sure each respective side has an objective understanding of the case from every vantage point.

Gray’s mediation experience started after being asked to serve as a commercial mediator in several hotly contested natural resource related matters of which he was able to successfully resolve the litigant disputes weeks prior to trial in cases that had previously been unsuccessfully mediated. He takes great pride in the fact that his career as a mediator started when he was asked to mediate for attorneys who have previously been opposed to him in unrelated matters.

In 2015, Trae attended the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Institute. This training, his previous Fortune 500 experience, and his legal background allow him to take a unique approach to mediating cases. He credits this approach and background with his effectiveness and success rate.

Gray believes mediation is at the cornerstone of our legal system and likely one of the most effective ways of resolving disputes. He enjoys the process and being of service as a mediator. He typically spends as much or more time preparing for each mediation as he does in the mediation itself.

He focuses his mediation practice on resolving natural resource related matters because of his extensive expertise in this area. Gray also mediates other disputes on a schedule permitting basis.

Although he is well known for some of his large jury verdicts as a trial lawyer he states and firmly believes, “A trial is typically not the best place for reasonable litigants to resolve disputes. To illustrate this point, as of 2016 I’ve resolved over 3500 matters for clients – only 5 of those have been from jury trials. My trials have been the result of an unreasonable litigant on the other side, when the other side has been reasonable those cases have resolved themselves outside of a courtroom.”

Gray says, “A mediation can help the litigants realize the possible opportunities for resolution. A lawyer has a duty to discourage litigation when he can.” Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, “Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.” Trae says, “As a small town lawyer, I have always believed this.”
Trae Gray
Mediation provides many benefits. It can provide a cost-efficient legal means of resolving disputes that might otherwise languish in courthouses for years. Most litigants find that mediation is a much better forum for maintaining some level of control over the structure of the process and the outcome. Additionally, mediation is typically less expensive and more private than litigation. Mediation will allow both litigants to get back to their businesses or lives more quickly. The neutral setting of mediation makes it easier for parties to meet on a level playing field and talk through possible options.

Selecting a mediator with experience in the field of your dispute can also help reduce costs and increase the chances of case resolution efficiently. Trae Gray’s experience as a small town lawyer provides a unique perspective. He has tried complex business disputes, complex criminal matters, large divorces and probates, and numerous natural resource matters. Please call Trae today if you are serious about attempting to resolve your current dispute.