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A Trained Mediator with a Breadth of Experience

Natural Resource Mediator Wind Energy
  • Environmental


    Trae Gray has devoted his entire life to the natural resources arena. He grew up working on ranches, has a degree in natural resources from Oklahoma State University, and his law firm is involved in many significant environmental law matters. This real world experience coupled with his education provides a framework that is respected by all parties and expedites candid settlement communication.
  • Energy


    Only 7 years old when the Penn Square Bank fell in July of 1982, Trae has vivid memories of how this affected his family’s business in the Carter County oil patch. As an attorney, he represents CEO’s of major oil and service companies, mineral and lease auctions, and numerous other operators and landowners. This broad experience provides an appreciation for the importance of the industry and offers a unique perspective when mediating energy related matters.
  • Condemnation


    As the City Attorney for The City of Coalgate, Trae has ten years of experiencing managing litigation and settlements for condemnors. Plus, his law firm has extensive experience representing condemnees. Trae is a frequent nationwide speaker on condemnation and eminent domain issues. His knowledge, reputation, and experience in this area of the law is a valuable asset when he mediates condemnation matters.
  • Class Action

    Class Action

    Mediating your class action can extend well beyond reaching a settlement. Trae will flush out all the issues so that a case can be better understood in order to make sure it gets resolved. Not only will Trae help both sides reach an agreement, he will also provide credibility that the process underlying the settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate.
  • Trae started to serve as a commercial mediator in several hotly contested natural resource related matters of which he was able to successfully resolve the litigant disputes weeks prior to trial in cases that had previously been unsuccessfully mediated. He takes great pride in the fact that his career as a mediator started when he was asked to mediate for attorneys who have previously been opposed to him in unrelated matters.

    In 2015, Trae attended the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Institute. This training, his previous Fortune 500 experience, and his background allow him to take a unique approach to mediating cases. He credits this approach and background with his effectiveness and success rate.
  • Gray believes mediation is at the cornerstone of our legal system and likely one of the most effective ways of resolving disputes. He enjoys the process and being of service as a mediator. He typically spends as much or more time preparing for each mediation as he does in the mediation itself.

    He focuses his mediation practice on resolving natural resource related matters because of his extensive expertise in this area. Gray also mediates other disputes on a schedule permitting basis.